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United Kingdom

We are a pervasive communications company. We specialise in delivering original and entertaining content & experiences.

The Tom Sawyer Effect

We are a pervasive communications company. We specialise in delivering original and entertaining content & experiences.

Daybreakr social content

Ben Mason

The goal of brand sponsored events used to be to create something worth writing about in editorial - initially newspapers and magazines, later on websites and blogs too. Recently however, it has become more important to create visually spectacular and aspirational spectacles - providing eye candy for Instagram and gifs and Vines on Twitter. 

We could all learn a lot from our friends at the amazing morning rave event recently arrived from the US...Daybreakr. This was such an incredibly beautiful event it was a joy to create content from - here's a selection of images, gifs, Boomerangs and Hyperlapses we shot for them... 

Daybreaker gif 3.gif

The Crystal Maze rebooted


As The Guardian put it this week, The Crystal Maze is the ultimate offering to an immersive obsessed culture - a point thoroughly backed by the public demand when it presented itself. Six months later, the challenges of The Crystal Maze are set to open their doors to Londoners!

In the 90’s, The Crystal Maze was one of the UK’s favourite television shows. It’s now returning as the ultimate team challenge right in the heart of London, where you and your friends can face challenges testing your skills, mental and physical ability across the four (classic) time zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. 

We helped the Maze team put together a phased digital strategy: this included creating a digital visual identity pack, guidelines for the email and social strategy, recommendations & setup for supporting tools (e.g. online customer service) and sample digital assets.

We and our partners planned and produced its main website, a responsive digital hub where Maze fans can find out all they need to know about the experience and quickly proceed to secure their seats - as of this writing, the experience is sold out until November!

We also developed the overarching social strategy toolkit for the brand - covering everything from tonality, channel strategy, posting frequency, geo-social setup & management, content direction, asset creation & sourcing and integration with the wider marcomms spectrum.

The Maze officially opens this Tuesday - our team's already been through secret preview sessions and can confirm it is the experience you probably dreamed of as soon as you heard this was happening (and quite possibly long before!) Make you sure you get your tickets while you can (a new batch has just become available).

So the only thing left to say is... 

Takumi Influencing Instagram

Ben Mason

I gave a talk about influencer engagement earlier this month on behalf of Tinman at an event for Takumi, a company that only deals with Instagram influencers, and only those with less than 100,000 fans. The theory being that the relative degrees of engagement compared to the community sizes (and therefore the bang for buck) is much greater for mid or even low level influencers compared to the big guns, with a kind of inverse economies of scale coming into play. 

Amongst a host of stats and facts about the channel the following one stuck out, and remains key for our bashing over the heads of anyone that still refuses to start building a presence on the platform. 

But of course it's still a challenge to keep your levels of engagement as high as possible - and ahead of the competition. And it seems to us that your Instagram feed is much like a story told in visual snapshots. So it's worth returning to the golden rules of storytelling - only replacing stories and writing with content and its creation...

Which is why you'll find me posting images like the following. Which at least over time start to make sense in the context of our own and third party immersive events, like that of the amazing Gideon Reeling below...

And of course with Instagram you have an instant feedback mechanism - if your post doesn't get good levels of engagement straight off (relative to your account generally) it's not going to perform well. 

Though it's equally important that you're not just chasing likes, as over time it's more important for your brand to be consistent - with itself and with the rest of its communications. But at the same time don't be afraid to experiment. Like I have been with Stormtrooper_GN2683 here...